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Version 2.2 Now Available: Featured Images & All-New Stats

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Version 2.2 of WordPress for Android is now available on Google Play. It is full of some great new features that make blogging from your Android device even better!

Version 2.2 of WordPress for Android: Featured Images & All-New StatsWhat’s New

Featured Image Support

Many WordPress themes now have support for setting featured images, and you can now set them right from the app. To set an image as featured, just tap on it after adding it to the post content area and select the ‘Use as featured image’ checkbox. You can also optionally set the image to also be included in the post content.

Note that you’ll need WordPress 3.4.1 or greater and a theme that supports featured images in order to use this feature.

All-New Stats

Checking your stats from the app can be really handy, and we wanted to make it even better. When accessing stats now, you will see all of the same data that you see when at your blog’s web dashboard including Views by Country and Top Posts & Pages. If you are running a self-hosted blog and want to enable stats in the app, install the free Jetpack plugin.

Reliability and Performance Improvements

This release also includes some great improvements to the app to make it more reliable and fast. Error messages are easier to read and understand as well. You can see the details on what was taken care of on the trac roadmap.

New Contributors and What’s Next

Did you know that WordPress for Android is an open source project? We owe a big thanks to the contributors that made this release possible, including aerych, mrroundhillfrankkanis and aagam94! If you would like to get involved please visit

So what’s next? So far we have plans to improve the ActionBar, post editor and add push notifications for comments. What would you like to see improved in the app? Leave a comment or follow us at @WPAndroid to get in touch!

WordPress for Android 1.3: Feature Fest

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

We just released WordPress for Android 1.3 to the Android Market and it’s jam-packed with hot new features. Get ready for even more powerful blogging-on-the go with these nifty additions:

View Stats on the Go

You can now view your blog’s stats right from your phone! Go to the fourth tab in the App, and check it out: You can see your page views, post views, referrers, search terms, and clicks — all in real time! There’s also an easy-to-read line chart for your page views:

Moderate Multiple Comments at Once

Save time by moderating several comments at once with the new “bulk edit” feature. Simply click the checkbox next to the comments you want to moderate followed by the status button that you want to apply.

Stylize Your Text with the Visual Editor

You can now create your posts with stylized text using the new visual editor! We’ve added new formatting buttons, including strikethrough and underline.

More Great Changes

The 1.3 release also includes many small enhancements and bug fixes, including better video embedding and resizing, new tab icons, and a redesigned post writing screen.

WordPress for Android 1.3 is available now in Android Market! Download it now!

A Call to Android Developers

Did you know that WordPress for Android is an open source project, and anyone can contribute? We’re still recruiting devs to make this app the best it can be! If you’re interested, you can find us over at the developer blog.

WordPress for Android: 100,000 Users and Counting

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Not only is today the 7th birthday of WordPress, it is also marks the day that WordPress for Android crossed the 100,000 user mark! Since its release in February 2010, we’ve seen steady growth and great support from the Android community.

Here are some interesting stats on WordPress for Android as it reached 100,000 users:

Device Versions
A breakdown of Android versions that are running WordPress for Android:

2.1 (Eclair MR1) 39.90%
1.5 (Cupcake) 27.98%
1.6 (Donut) 23.57%
2.0 (Eclair) 8.13%
2.2 (Froyo) 0.19%

Here’s the top 10 languages that are using WordPress for Android. If you are interested in translating the app please visit

English 70.69%
Korean 4.86%
German 4.09%
French 3.20%
Spanish 3.08%
Dutch 2.46%
Japanese 2.01%
Swedish 1.65%
Italian 1.31%
Russian 1.23%

So hats off to everyone involved with making WordPress for Android. We are excited about reaching this milestone and are most excited about what’s to come for the app in the future!