Version 1.3.8: Post Status & Bug Fixes

Wednesday, November 24th 2010

WordPress for Android 1.3.8 has been released to Android Market. We squashed some bugs that we received from Android Market reports as well as added a new feature! Here’s what’s new:

Set Post Status

We had one of those “Should have added that a long time ago” moments when we discovered that you couldn’t set the post or page status from the app. Now when you are creating or editing content, you can choose the post status (Draft, Pending Review, Private or Publish).

Oodles of Bug Fixes

We had a look at some of the error reports we get from Android Market and took care of many of the issues that were causing the app to force close:

  • Fixed crash when adding media on Dell Streak
  • Fixed crash when attempting to add a self-hosted site with an invalid blog URL
  • Fixed local db problem when upgrading from a 1.0.x or 1.1.x version
  • Updated Polish translation strings
  • Fixed crash when trying to add a second blog from a account or WordPress multi-user install
  • Fixed no-name blogs from showing as blank in the multi-user blog selection screen
  • Comments Loading progress bar no longer hangs

Visit Android Market to download the update, or scan the code:

WordPress for Android 1.3.6: Media Improvements and More

Monday, November 1st 2010

WordPress for Android 1.3.6* has been released to Android Market which includes some significant improvements to adding media to your blog posts and pages.  Here’s what’s new:

Multiple Media Item Sharing

You can now select multiple items in the Android gallery app and share them to a new post in WordPress for Android.  Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to do it:

New Attached Media Display

The media that you’ve added to the post is now displayed in a horizontally scrolling gallery view, making it much easier to view the images that you’ve attached to a post or page.

YouTube Upload Fix

Sharing a video from the YouTube application has been fixed.  When you share a video to a post from the app it will now be correctly embedded in your blog post for viewing.

More Bug Fixes

There’s many more fixes in this release including:

  • Removed ‘read phone state’ permission when installing the app from Android Market.
  • Improved performance on the new post and new page views.
  • New account form now loads correctly.

We’re not stopping here!  Many more great improvements for the app are in the works. Thanks once again to the WordPress and Android community for your support of this app.

*Update November 5th, 2010 – we released version 1.3.7 with some more fixes! Details are in the Android Market ‘Recent Changes’ section for the app.

WordPress for Android 1.3.4: Wonky Bugs Fixed & New Comment Feature Added

Tuesday, August 24th 2010

Huzzah! Today we’ve released a new spiffed-up WordPress for Android app, which not only runs better but also has a cool new comment notification feature.  And as we toast our latest work, we must also give all of you a huge thanks — your feedback has been critical to helping us improve the app.

*update August 25th* – Turns out that the post view fix wasn’t working so well on non Froyo devices.  We found the fix for that and released version 1.3.5 this morning.

First, let’s look at the handy new comment changes:

Now, when you get a new comment, you’ll see the actual text of the comment in the Android notification bar. Also, when you select the comment notification to moderate the comment, it will now be there instantly in the Comments view instead of requiring you to refresh.

And here are the bugs fixed in WordPress for Android 1.3.4:

  • A login prompt now asks you to input your password again if you happened to have changed it from the last time you used the app.
  • Previewing a blog post should now work better and be more stable.
  • Multi-language support is improved, long strings of text won’t make the interface break.
  • The image uploader no longer occasionally crashes when dealing with very large images (>8Mb).
  • When editing a blog post, extra paragraph HTML tags will no longer be randomly added, which was happening sporadically.
  • The option to turn off the Mobile Theme will no longer randomly disappear.
  • The app will no longer unexpectedly crash if the data connection type changed during a process. (Switching from, say WiFi to a 3G network should now not make the app crash.)

So that’s about it. If you ever notice anything wonky in the app, feel free to submit a bug report to the WordPress for Android Trac, available here: Thank you and enjoy!

WordPress for Android now on Twitter

Tuesday, August 10th 2010

A quick update to let everybody know that we’ll now be twittering at Follow us for the latest updates regarding app development and other good stuff.

Follow WPAndroid on Twitter

Help us test WordPress for Android!

Friday, August 6th 2010

As we’re getting ready to launch the next update to our Android app, we’d really love your feedback on bugs you’ve encountered and other oddities in general that you’ve seen when using WordPress for Android. If you’d like to go even further you could help out a lot by simply using the app a lot and trying different things, and then reporting anything weird that you might find.

If you find a bug: submit a ticket at, or write a detailed comment below explaining exactly what you did and what happened. There are also forums.

For developers out there wanting to get involved, you can browse the source code and check out a copy of the app via SVN:

We look forward to your feedback!