Version 2.1 Now Available

Device examples of version 2.1 of WordPress for Android

The dev team is excited to announce that version 2.1 of WordPress for Android is now available! This release adds some great new features, read on to find out more.

WordPress for Android LogoWhat’s New

Comment Editing:

You can now easily edit comments in the app. Just tap the new ‘Edit’ button when viewing a comment and you will be taken to a new screen where you can edit the comment information including the name, email, url, comment text, and status. Big thanks to contributor aerych for adding this feature!

Post Autosave:

To better protect the content you are creating, the app will now autosave posts you are editing every 60 seconds. We’ve also added a safeguard that will make sure that you want to overwrite local changes you’ve made to a post before refreshing the posts list.

New Scaled Image Setting:

Instead of only linking to the full size image, you can now set the width of the linked image to whatever you’d like. To activate the new setting, tap ‘Settings’ and then tap the ‘Upload and link to scaled image’ checkbox. Another big thanks to contributor dolittledk for adding this feature!

Additional Changes:

In addition to these great features, there’s also some other great new additions in the app:

  • Small updates to the UI
  • New app icon
  • Reliability improvements
  • Performance tweaks

New Reader:

There’s an all-new reader in the app that makes it easier than ever to follow your favorite blogs on We’ve added a bunch of great new features including simplified navigation between posts, the ability to comment on articles you like, and the ability to easily share posts to other apps on your Android device.


A round of applause for the fine folks who have worked on this release: dolittledk, aerych, isaackeyet, mrroundhill, are you next?

Get it!

We hope that version 2.1 will make it easier than ever for you to blog while on the go. The app is available today for Android, Nook, and BlackBerry PlayBook devices:

How do you like version 2.1 of WordPress for Android? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us @WPAndroid.

119 Responses to “Version 2.1 Now Available”

  1. Will the early version automatically update?

    • Dan

      Do you mean the beta? It probably won’t automatically update so you might want to re-download it from the market.

  2. [...] Neue Version von WordPress für Android: in der Version 2.1 soll das Bearbeiten von Kommentaren einfacher werden und zudem kann man auch die verlinkten Bilder skalieren [...]

  3. Looks great! But what about multiple image upload? I don’t see that in the feature list. Do you guys plan on including that option in the future? I have several clients that need to upload multiple pictures from their phones and there are other apps for Android that do this already. Please consider multiple image upload for future updates. Thanks!

    • Dan

      The app already supports multiple image upload!

      • Hi,
        Is there a way to upload image(s) (directly from phone gallery to wordpress library) without creating a post ? Since you mention in your comments that multiple upload is already implemented, my question is probably stupid, but I can’t find how to upload easily images from hone gallery.
        I found the parameter to allow using original size, but when inserting a picture from gallery in a new post, I can only select up to 1000pixels width, while I’d like to upload full picture (and without creating temporary articles..).
        Is there anyway ?


      • Dan

        No, you have to upload images via a new post currently. You can just set the post status to draft and then the images will just be added to the gallery without publishing a new post to your site. If you select ‘original size’ the app will upload the full size image to the gallery.

        There’s been talk of adding a service to the app that will auto-upload pictures to your gallery, sort of like how the photoshop app for android works. Would you be interested in that?

      • Whenever I try uploading more than one photo, the second photo just replaces the first and I don’t understand how to upload more than one. Help?

      • What device do you have, and what version of Android are you running? Would also be helpful to know if the latest update fixes your issues or not.

      • I have a Galaxy Nexus and Android version 4.0.2 from what is says in my about phone info. xD It also says my system is completely up to date, if that helps.

  4. Masa Örtüsü

    Great app! But I am having problems when entering non-english characters such as “ığşç”. Is this an app related problem or phone (android) related?

  5. I can’t get it from amazon or play because I’m on a gTablet. Any link to the APK? Can you make it so I can download?

  6. I found that if it is running in the background if I start a new process everything dissapears with no warning. I am using xoom2

  7. Thanks for fixing the excerpt bug! Excerpt no longer gets deleted when updating a post. Awesome fix, thanks!

    We would really value the ability to edit excerpts, as well as access other custom fields. Might this be on your roadmap for the future?

    Thanks again for the awesome update!

  8. Raj

    Love the new comment moderation and autosave features.. Love you WordPress…

  9. Laura

    I downloaded this app to update my blogs better, note more than one blog. I am using it on a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet. I had no problem setting up the first blog, it works like a charm — except I can’t get logged out. Let me know if I am missing something, but I only see a log out via the Dashboard. When I try to use the log out in the upper right corner of the dashboard it is refreshing the screen, not logging me out. I though maybe it is not ‘touching’ the right line of text, but when I try to increase the size I lose that portion of the screen all together, and ‘log out’ is not even on my screen (the ‘howdy’ part is gone). I can’t seem to find how to add the other blogs, especially if I can’t log out of another one. Love to have a fix for this — or tell me more about it!

  10. Is there a way to make the photo posts I upload show up as Featured Posts for Bueno? I rarely post from a computer, I upload all of my photos via my Droid. I’d like to use the Featured Posts feature automatically.

  11. i get this error when i try to upload from my mobile Samsung galaxy s2 android

    “org.xmlpull.v1.Xmlpullparserexception:expected:Start+tag{null}methodresponse(position:Start_tag(empty) @1:6 in”

    can you plz try to help me on this.

    thank you

    • foxmajik

      I got this error too, but I can’t log into trac to file a bug even though I can log in to, so I guess they’ll never hear about the bug.

  12. First of all i love this app. Very useful however when you upload a photo as a post using this app on my Razr Maxx the html just shows up as text and the picture doesn’t get displayed. I have to login later on my computer to fix it. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

    • Dan

      Is it a self hosted blog? This plugin might help if so:

      • I tried that plugin and after i downloaded it i couldn’t even upload from the wordpress app. kEEP getting upload failed now. At least before it uploaded but it stripped out the

    • udtknwme

      Like the original poster, I love the app! But I am also encountering the same problem. I explored the suggested fix, which indiates that it is for PHP versions below 5.2.9. My host is on 5.2.17, so am I wrong in assuming that this would not be an issue corrected by this suggested fix? Additionally this is also happening when adding a more link as well.

      Great app, and I definitely look forward to using it more in the future, but not sure that I want to bork another long or photo post as bad as I did the one that showed me there was a problem.

  13. strips out the brackets on the html code when uploading a pic from the android app

    • Has there been any further exploration of this? I have the same issue on my blog. Self-hosted. I learned this when editing a published post from my app. I’m using a Galaxy Nexus. The app editor strips out html brackets. It was a doozy to fix. Had to log in with my laptop and put them in by hand. A lot of work! I think the app only handles rich text. I had to fix the post in the html tab for the changes to stay.

      What could be causing this? I love the app (nice work!) As is it’s only good for writing a draft. I can only upload photos and edit posts from the lap top.

      Any fixes? Anyone else have this problem? Am I missing something?

    • So it did! Didn’t realize this was a years old existing issue rooted in our host’s PHP & LIBXML installs. This is a nice workaround. Thanks for the follow-up, Dan.

  14. BakaNeko59

    When I try to connect to my Dreamhost hosted WP blog using the android app, I get the error “org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: Unexpected token (position: TEXT pe=”text/javascr…@1:110 in”.

    I, of course, have no idea what this means. Any help you can provide is appreciated.

    • Dan

      Try adding /xmlrpc.php to the end of your site’s url.

      • Thank you, it worked for me… I was banging my head trying to setup the app for my Galaxy S2 and found your reply. That worked. :-D

      • foxmajik

        I don’t understand why that is needed now when it was never needed before.

      • tbv

        That worked. You should add that to the FAQ asap. I spent a long time trying to get this to work before I had the idea to check this blog and find this simple solution.

      • fish

        This worked for me. Cheers!

      • Thanks, Dan. That worked a treat. Strange as I have the WP app on both my tablet and my phone, and have had it for a few months. Both were working a day or so ago.

        Tablet is still working fine (post-update to the latest version). My phone suddenly decided it wasn’t going to let me in with that “org.xmlpull”… error earlier, as if it didn’t know about my three blogs which it’s been working fine with for ages.

        I’ve done as you said, re-linked the phone installation to my blogs which is good. However, my tablet installation is still running fine with the “old” URLs which seems strange.

      • Dan

        Glad that fix works for you guys, it looks like a change made in .2 had the app stop trying to ‘guess’ the xmlrpc.php path. We’ll add it back in for .3

    • foxmajik

      The new version .3 in the Market fixes the problem as promised.

  15. Hi,

    are you planning on removing the limitation of maximum letters per articles? That would help a lot when I’m editing my travel reports during the journey. At the same time, please add the nextpage-tag. Would be great.

    Greetings from (currently) Soain, Madrid.


  16. Broken POS. Why do you remove inline links? Why does it now remove line breaks?

    This app gets worse every time you update it by removing basic features.

  17. msdtarr

    I can’t seem to upload the videos that I tried to post on my blog via my Motorola Droid 4 through a WiFi network. I just keep getting the notice that it’s uploading one of the two videos I posted through Quick Video but it doesn’t ever to seem to finish loading and it doesn’t post when I read the blog online.

    • Josh

      I’ve been having the same problem. I left my phone attempting to upload a 10mb video overnight (10+ hours!) Only to wake up to find it still “uploading media item #4″. I can push the same video through to Facebook over WiFi in about 10 or so minutes without any compression or change in quality. What gives?

  18. marc

    Hi there, this really is a very handy app – but will there be a way to add custom class names to a uploaded picture before sending a new article to my blog? Thanks for the reply, yours Marc

    • Dan

      What do you mean by custom class name?

      • Marc

        Hi Dan,
        i meant something for using the lightbox plugin for example – so i upload pictures with this ap but i have to go into the code to add in the img class=”lightbox” – to use the javascript feature of opening those pictures.

        would be really nice if i could define this “class” directly before i upload everything, you know what i mean ?!


      • Dan

        Yes, that makes sense. We could probably add a class name option to the popup when you tap on an image.

  19. Chris M

    FYI, the WordPress app is making repeated requests to In a few minutes that I was using the app, my firewall reported 17 requests to this domain, all with the same URL and all returning 404s. You really should optimize that out. If I don’t have a Gravatar when I setup the account, I’m not likely to have one 30 seconds later.

  20. siv

    The app is great.
    But how do I find the blogs I follow? The read button, and edit blogs won’t work.

  21. duck2illa

    Great job with the app guys. The only thing I want from it now is the ability to set an image as featured. Any idea when that’s coming?

    • Dan

      It’s on the roadmap for the next release, as well as the ability to upload the images in a gallery.

  22. Android

    Great application.

  23. Daniel

    The app works really well! :) … but I am missing one crucial thing – featured photos for posts… is this in the pipeline?

    Thanks and regards

  24. App work great but i dont know how i can see featured photos for posts?

  25. Love this android app , use it fulltime on mysite. However, I have updated my mobile from a HTC wildfire to a Samsung Galaxy S3 and suddenly the image uploader menu can’t be selected at all. None of the buttons do anything.

    • Dan

      Which buttons do you mean? The dashboard or in the post editor?

      • Sorry should have been clearer, it’s when selecting dashboard> posts >set featured image menu. This menu worked on the wildfire.

      • Dan

        Hmm, sounds like a problem with the Android browser on that device. Does it work in the browser outside of the app?

      • Hi, can’t access the wp-login.php page through samsung galaxy s3 browser either. Just rechecked it on alaptop to make sure its not down and it is working. Just receive a page cannot be displayed error.

  26. Dan Darty

    Greetings, Dan.

    I’m having an issue posting a video from my Droid Bionic (Android Version 2.3.4) using the current build of WordPress for Android (2.1.4) on my self-hosted WordPress site.

    I log on to my site and click on the NEW POST button. I then fill out the usual, (title, content, tags, post format=video) and then go back to the content area and click on the CAMERA icon. I choose a video from my gallery (I have even tried new video) and it immediately places a thumbnail of the video in the content area. I then select PUBLISH. My status bar reports that the video is uploading and, moments later, the status bar reports the following error, “POST MEDIA ERROR:” The error reported is blank after the colon.

    Please advise. Thanks in advance! Love the App, otherwise.

    • Dan

      Video upload can be finicky on some self-hosted sites. Check that your PHP upload limit is set to a value larger than the size of your video, and also make sure that WordPress will accept the file type that you are uploading. The mime type plugin can help with that:

      Good luck!

      • Dan Darty

        Same issue.

        I just tested the same thing with an iPhone and it works fine.
        I installed the pjw mime as well.

        Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.

      • Dan Darty

        I just logged on to the site through the Android’s browser and tried to upload 4 different videos. All 4 failed. This is a MIME issue with my phone’s mp4 encode; not the fault of the WordPress for Android App.

        Sorry about that!

      • Dan Darty

        Update: Manually adding the following MIME types to the PJW MIME Config plugin will enable all known video encodes for all android devices:

        3gp video/3gpp
        3GP2 video/3gpp2
        h261 video/h261
        h263 video/h263
        h264 video/h264
        ogv video/ogg

        Download the plugin here:

        Thanks for the nudge, Dan!

  27. I can’t seem to upload the videos that I tried to post on my blog via my Motorola Droid 4 through a WiFi network. I just keep getting the notice that it’s uploading one of the two videos I posted through Quick Video but it doesn’t ever to seem to finish loading and it doesn’t post when I read the blog online.

  28. peikko

    I am using latest wordpress app but images are still not uploaded in original size – just 1000px max width.
    Does that really work?

  29. left behind

    So will the app for the #1 selling mobile OS be brought up to par with the ios version at some point?

    • Dan

      What would you like it to have when compared to the iOS app?

      • left behind

        I’d settle for an editor that can integrate photos and produce polished content. The current product is good for twitter style short blasts and nothing more.

  30. I have problems uploading pictures when using it with Galaxy S3 – the photos that I upload are with variable width and height and they are looking stretched. Any advice?

  31. benjingsiah

    Will i be able to upload my own videos that i took through the app? (not through youtube)

  32. The updated version is awesome. I can do most of my work from my droid now.

  33. I can’t seem to upload the videos that I tried to post on my blog via my Motorola Droid 4 through a WiFi network. I just keep getting the notice that it’s uploading one of the two videos.

  34. The stats on my Andriod 2.2.1 app quit working. Has worked perfect for months and all of a sudden just quit.

    Just says “Incorrect login or blog is not connected to”. Disconnected jetpack and reconnected, even created a new account with no luck.

  35. Andrew

    I see you mentioned ‘talk of adding a service to the app that will auto-upload pictures to your gallery, sort of like how the photoshop app for android works. ‘ I would be very interested in this. Is it going to happen?

  36. So 4 month since the 2.1. Do you have plan a new version ?

  37. There is already version 2.2 available in Google Play.

  38. Karun

    Is this app only for authors, or for readers also? If both, how do I use it to read blogs that are not written by me? I can’t find a way to type in the URLs of the blogs I’d like to follow. The app just presents me with a list of blogs from various categories, but how do I get to the ones I want to read?

  39. Hey which one is better
    Samsung Galaxy S3 or new iPhone 5

  40. hey
    which one is better
    Samsung galaxy s3 or new iphone 5

  41. mjalar

    Is there a way to log out of my blog after editing? can’t seem to find it.

  42. Oh yay! I had none of the issues mentioned in your comments, but i can’t wait to use it! You could increase the max character number per article, though.

    Great job, keep it up!

  43. ivy

    Just launched our new WP site, excited to be able to update while mobile. However, our site has many pages and some dont appear in the list.
    Is there a page limit? If so, any tricks so I can get the important ones to the top of the list? Thx!

  44. William

    I have four sites that are powered by wordpress, but can only seem to add two accounts. Am I missing something? If there is a two account limit, how can I switch between them?



    • Dan

      You can add a new account by going to the main app dashboard with all of the buttons, and then tap the menu key and then ‘Add Account’

  45. How to log in log out in android wordpress application. I have samsung galaxy y device.

  46. I have been trying to get this to work on my atrix 2 for some time but have been unable to find out how. tried to follow directions on but i dont have the XML-RPC access am i missing something?


  47. already has xmlrpc enabled. What error
    message are you receiving?

  48. Pavel

    Hi Can you post someone step by step login process ? What exactly data and from I should enter ? The app doesnt let me login :-( I filled Blog URL, user, pwd and it says that That it can not connect to the WordPress.

  49. How to log out from it.

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