Version 1.5: Follow your Favorite Blogs

The new Read feature in action.

Today we released Version 1.5 of WordPress for Android to the Android Market, which makes it effortless to keep up with your favorite blogs and sites while on the go.

If you’ve connected one of your blogs with the app, you’ll now see a ‘Read’ button at the bottom of your blogs list. Clicking it will display all the latest posts published on the blogs that you follow, along with the option to like or reblog them. You can even follow blogs and sites that aren’t on, as long as they have an RSS feed.

Sweet! How do I add more sites to my reader?

Tap the “Follow” button while viewing any blog (you’ll find it in the top admin bar while logged in) to add it to your reader. To add a site that’s not on, simply enter the URL of the site at the top of your following list and then click ‘Follow’.

Not following any blogs yet? Check out today’s Freshly Pressed to browse some that you might like.

What else is new?

We’ve tweaked a few things here and there in the app, including using the HTML5 video tag for video uploads instead of the outdated QuickTime tag. There are also a handful of bug fixes in Version 1.5 that improve the app’s reliability.

What’s next for WordPress for Android?

We’re excited to let you know that work has already begun on the next major update to WordPress for Android – Version 2.0. It’s going to have a beautiful new look and will be stuffed with awesome new features. For updates on Version 2.0, check out our Developer Blog. And if you have any feedback on Version 1.5 and the new Read feature, be sure to let us know!

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38 Responses to “Version 1.5: Follow your Favorite Blogs”

  1. Does 1.5 have a progresbar for uploading content?

  2. Can you set a featured image using the app?

  3. Can we arrange images according to specific position rather than top & bottom
    of the page?

  4. [...] week, WordPress also launched version 1.5 of WordPress for Android, which includes follow functionality Tags: blogging , Blogs , Email , traffic , WordPress [...]

  5. I have just installed 1.5 and it works well, but I can’t see the slideshows in the posts

  6. whoop! everyday i check for new updates for the app. i love it. cant wait for the 2.0

  7. JonezJeA

    When does 2.0 get released?

  8. Does the Following List functionality work with a self-hosted WordPress blog? If not, are there any plans to add it to self-hosted WordPress?

  9. `I have just installed 1.5 and it works well

  10. someonetalks

    Don’t know if it is another Chinese stupid policy. I can’t use the app properly in China.
    I just installed the app and logined successfully but when I tried to refresh Comment, Posts or Pages it always said connection error, SSL handshake aborted: ssl=0x6cf750: I/O error during system call, Connection reset by peer

  11. Hi, i downloaded this app but i cant log in-.- help pls

  12. Hi, are there any plans to make a Android app for WordPress for tablets and not cell phones? As you know the Android browser is an epic fail for WordPress and the app is designed for cell phones, it’s not very useful on a tablet and is so limited I can’t use it.

    So, are there plans to make a tablet specific app for WordPress?


  13. Great work and its a great news for all android user’s, wordpress is one of the great effort by all your team to facilitate the users of android.Keep it going.

  14. Is there any way to modify the app to allow site users to post to a specific page? It would be great to allow users to post their own images to our wanted board.

    • Dan

      I dont think that’s possible at this time. The app is open source though so it could be customized to post to a page only.

  15. Court

    I noticed in the forums the next release was supposed to have a scrolling front page when you first install the app, because those of us with 960 x 640 screens cannot see the bottommost option to add a self-hosted blog since it’s a static screen. But–this hasn’t been fixed yet.

    Any plans on getting this fixed? Would love to use this app, but it’s physically impossible to see the button on my Sharp IS03…

    • Dan

      I believe the fix was added but it must not have worked. Does the device have a click wheel you can use to scroll to the button?

  16. samuel

    This crashes for me when i try to add media and choose “select a photo from gallery”…

  17. I installed 1.5.1, looking forward to explore the “follow” option, but see no change in the application, no “read” button or admin bar. Any ideas?

  18. Hi, I blogg alot from the app but all of a sudden it’s not working anymore. the tags are all wrong. instead of and it types: p and /p so everything showes in the post.. the images are not showing, just the code without the “”. Please help me! Thank you!

  19. iam excited about the new version and its new features! you guys really do a great job :)

  20. Timbo

    Is there any way that you can edit pages without the html code? So that you can easy edit something without changing something in the html?

  21. Is there an expected release date for a wordpress app for kindle fire? :)

  22. g33kxx

    Is it possible to use this app with a WordPress login but withOUT a blog??

  23. Excellent app for the functionality it offers. Allows me to update my hosted blog away from home. I love the new dashboard feature. Quite flawless, I love it! Thanks for the hardwork.

    Any options to add audio to a post?



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