Add Shared Text and Images to WordPress for Android

This morning WordPress for Android 1.1.3 was released to Android Market. You can now add text and images from other Android apps via the Share menu to a new WordPress post. For example, you can now select a video in the YouTube app and share it with WordPress:

Any Android application that shares text or images should be supported. We’ve also added Japanese and Italian language support to this release, and performance improvements as well.

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  2. bomullshuve

    I can not find the app with my HTC Legend… Is there a problem with the app??

  3. got the orange glow back when i touch and hold! Why did it dissapear for so long!

  4. quarkdoll

    Thanks for your great work

  5. bomullshuve

    Im using HTC Legend.

  6. arifdipo

    I’m using motorola milestone with android 2.1
    already installed it
    and it always close :(
    can’t even login..

    any suggest?

  7. annalid

    I’ve also got HTC Legend, and couldn’t find the WordPress-app. Have you found out what the problem is?

    • Dan

      It appears that a lot of apps are missing from that device. It’s up to Google to fix it.

  8. is this applicable for nokia phones ???
    i have nokia 5800 xpressmusic

  9. bomullshuve

    Thank you Dan! I found it now…. Great!

  10. janjohansenusb3no

    Its working perfectly on the HTC Magic :-)

  11. mingan

    Don’t get the share menu to work. The wordpress app opens with a new empty post, but the picture is not attachted.

  12. mingan

    HTC desire. Android 2.1
    I tried with several applications: first PicSay and when that didn’t work, I tried the desires photo album and also directly from the camera app.
    I can attach a picture to a post, but then I have to use the add-picture button from within wordpress.

    • Dan

      We’ve got a fix coming that should fix the issue that some of you are seeing. Look for version 1.1.4 soon!

  13. jonwonghk

    great work!

  14. 松娃

    very good…

  15. Will image rotation be supported in the future?
    When I take a pic in portrait orientation on my Droid and share it to WordPress, it gets posted (in the app and on my blog) as landscape.

    My current workaround is posting using Pixelpipe, which (apparently) supports the orientation EXIF info.

    • Dan

      Yes, we’re working on that Droid image orientation issue.

      • Thanks.
        It occurs to me that the orientation is only correct in Pixelpipe once it hits the website (and anything it’s “piped” to); the orientation is incorrect in the Android app itself.

        (and i suppose you can ignore that tweet you might see soon)

      • I wonder if it would do any good to contact the folks at Pixelpipe as to how they do it?
        is the address they give as contact in the Market.

        Also, that moto thread is pretty new. Are you “tmo” in that thread? I remember talking about this on Moto’s (non-dev) support forum a while back. Even then the only thing I was able to recommend was Pixelpipe, as there was never an official resolution.

        Sorry if this comes off as too pro-pixelpipe… (I’m certainly not anti-Wordpress)

      • Dan

        Yeah, that’s me. Thanks for the pixelpipe tip, they are probably manually rotating the image. Do you know if the full size image is uploaded via pixelpipe?

      • Here’s a pic I “piped” to Smugmug:

        If you click Show Details, then Info, you’ll see that the Photo Dimensions shows 1936 x 2592, which is full size.

        Here it is “piped” to my blog (conveniently rotated and resized):

      • Dan

        @Mike – check out version 1.1.5, it will rotate the image correctly if you select if from the gallery. It still doesn’t work if you take a photo from within the app or upload the full size image. It’s a start though :P

      • Successfully posted a portrait-oriented pic from the Gallery via the app.

      • Dan, is there a rule as to what _should_ work?

        -select from gallery, share to WP
        -add to WP post from gallery
        -add multiple to WP post from gallery
        -with/without full size upload

        I tried a few different combinations of the above last night and got some errors from the WP app. In some instances the images were not uploaded at all, and at least once only one image of three was uploaded.

    • Thanks, I’ll let you know.

      (oops) I downloaded the .apk from the beta site and now I see that 1.1.5 is the version in the market. Is anything different?

      The app is looking much nicer, btw…

  16. I just installed 1.1.5 on my adp1, running android 1.6. I can’t share videos from my media gallery – the option to share with wordpress doesn’t come up (it gives me Email, Gmail, Messaging and YouTube – but not WordPress). Any suggestions?

    Besides, what I really would like is to share soundfiles, rather than video. I would love to see that working!

    Keep up the good work!

  17. hi dan, I just installed 1.1.5 on my google G1. The posting was ok, but the image I inserted can’t be dispaly properly, it showed with code, like:”br /img style=”display:block;margin-right:auto;margin-left:auto;” alt=”image” src=”” /”

    can it be fixed?


  18. I am having issues uploading images form my just purchased HTC Eris (Verizon)…what I also find odd is that the version of WordPress for Android that I found on Market was 1.1.5 <===5 not 3, which is the lastest version being noted here…should I unintall 1.1.5 and install 1.1.3??

    Also, many hosts require image uploads to use http://FTP..will this option be added to the interface soon and/or is there a plug-in etc now?

  19. I got it figured out…was a combo of the upload location and chmod…is working great!

  20. [...] Add Shared Text and Images to WordPress for Android This morning WordPress for Android 1.1.3 was released to Android Market. You can now add text and images from other Android apps via the Share menu to a new WordPress post. For example, you can now select a video in the YouTube app and share it with WordPress: [...]

  21. Jenny

    I still can’t find any app in the market for my HTC Legend. Is it still missing for HTC Legend?
    Or is it there? If it is, what name am I looking for?


  22. cormie

    Hi there,
    I’ve just started using wordpress on my website and I’m trying to get it working on my phone too. It’s working pretty well, however, I’d like to be able to resize the photos I take to fit within my blog, currently they are uploading at 500x300px, I need the 500 to be 472 as it’s currently overlapping a side menu at 500. Is there any way to resize automatically to this, without having to go near a PC?

    Any help appreciated :)

  23. Until WordPress for Android allows for custom config of the image size, the only thing I can think of is to log into your WP CP and modify the image tag from 500 x 300 to 472 x ??? after posting, a bit clumsy but should work.

    Now, as for my above comments about my webhost only supporting image uploads using FTP:

    They only temporarily modified the image folder properties to have the usr ‘wwwroot’ and not ‘ftp’ which allowed the image to be uploaded from my Droid Eris. The tech who did this was overruled by the tech manger who noted it was a security concern.

    Of course now I am back at point one and cannot upload images.

    Dan did note here:

    that he would submit my request to have an integrated FTP solution in the app.

  24. Thanks for the reply :) I actually solved the problem by simply expanding the menu structure on my blog so it’s fine now :)

  25. I have had my droid since december but had to get a replacement as a result of the software program ruined my cellphone when it updated itself. So evidently having troubles & found this glorious site lol i do have a questio tho…my ram storage is gettin smaller & there nethin i can do to assist get sum back?

  26. Thank you. On droid x. When sharing YouTube using YouTube app and wordpress app html code is pasted in post and is uploaded. But does not show in post. Only blank square where YouTube should be. Thank yu

  27. Paul

    What a great app! You can rule the world with this thing. Can’t wait to watch it grow.

  28. is wp going to work on all of the new tablets coming out?

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