Version 1.0.2 Now Available

WordPress for Android version 1.0.2 has been released to Android Market. The update includes some new features as well as many bug fixes. Changes include:

  • Support for https (including self-signed certs)
  • Connection issue fixes for self-hosted WordPress sites
  • Fix for local drafts not showing if the user had no posts/pages
  • UI tweaks including a new loading bar in the tab view
  • Better support for WordPress MU blogs
  • Automatic detection of xmlrpc.php w/ fallback to manual prompt

So what comes next for WordPress for Android? We’re gearing up to add localization support! If you are interested in helping translate the application to a specific language, please visit our developer blog to get involved.

10 Responses to “Version 1.0.2 Now Available”

  1. Alex

    would love to see the ability to turn on or off comments for a post.

  2. Very interesting and I am off to the Android market now to grab this download. I love the fact I can post a draft while I a mobile and come back later to finish the article. I do not know how many times I thought of something while on the go and forgot about it.

  3. huw

    V1.1 Seems to fail to download any post or page that’s not strict xhtml.

    This is a big issue any tinymce adds tags without a closing slash by default.

    Pretty much makes it unusable.

    • Dan

      Do you mean posts that are downloaded to the editor, or post preview?

      • huw

        Editor was throwing up an xml error when trying to download the content for editing; and review was displaying a blank screen.

        I may have been wrong about the cause, because this appears to be an intermittent issue. As it is working this morning. It may have been that I just upgraded to it yesterday.

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