Recruiting Beta Testers

With version 1.0 now released, we’re looking for a core group of people to test the next upcoming release of WordPress for Android. If you like living on the edge and have good communication skills, please visit the forum for more details on participating.

21 Responses to “Recruiting Beta Testers”

  1. I would love to test the new features for my HTC Android phone!

  2. I am interested in testing out new features on my 1, I have done a review on of the original wptogo and would love to continue with you new software

  3. David Noble

    I would love to be a tester on the samsung moment for WordPress

  4. Currently using an Android HTC phone. Would love to test it out.

  5. I’d love to test it out. I write for Appolicious and do reviews for iPhone and Android apps, and I’m also a blogger (former lead writer and editor at Mashable, and current Director of Content at Pamil Visions). So I love having WP on my Android. I use it all the time!!

  6. [...] of blog writing. If you would like to take part in their beta testing phase make sure you sign up here. Posted by Alexander Maxham   @    7 February 2010 0 comments Tags : android [...]

    • nova

      Lovin the Droid! Found your site when searching for our new host site. Would like to participate in the Beta of this program.

  7. [...] the WP app is looking good, still in beta and looking for testers. I would be interested to see how people are finding mobile blogging. I’m not much of a [...]

  8. I’m in.
    I’ve been using wordpess on iphone.
    Now on Motorola Milestone.

  9. [...] for Android ist unter zu erreichen. Sei Anfang des Monats werden noch Betatester gesucht. Insgesamt ist das also noch ein junges [...]

  10. I would love to be a tester. . .What do I need to do? I just downloaded it onto my Android phone

  11. I am interested in testing Word Press on the Go on my Droid. I’m pretty high-tech (hubby is an IT Dir), but new to WoordPress. I’ve just hired someone to set up AgentPress for me to transition my websites to that format starting on 2/26.

  12. I have two Android phones Magic & Hero. I am interested in testing your WordPress app. Thanks.

  13. videojabri

    I am working with returning veterans and va doctors with return to work challenges. Being part of our beta test while being part of word press beta would be awesome an d practicle.

  14. i have the new verzion droid and I am interested in testing your WordPress app for the use of my blogs

  15. Francine Johnson

    Very interested in testing the Beta program. Currently using a droid eris.


  16. I was so happy when I got WPToGo, this is going to be great with my G1 – especially with the hardware keyboard, which is a must for writing lengthy blog posts!

    Fantastic! I can’t wait to see how this shapes up!

  17. Whilst I like a physical keyboard, after dealing with the Samsung Captivate for about quarter-hour, it is arduous to head back. Presently I’m debating whether or not to go to Verizon for the Droid X, pass to Sprint for the EVO, or stay with AT&T for the Captivate…selections, decisions.

  18. I was wondering what is up with that weird gravatar??? I know 5am is early and also I’m not looking my top at that hour, but I hope I don’t look like that! I may perhaps however make that face if I’m asked to do 100 pushups. lol

  19. Count me in – I am currently using and an Android phone and am interested to learn its capabilities

  20. I would lOVE to be a beta tester. Even in 2011 :) Its very exciting but time consuming as well.

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